Herding at Nutmeg Farm

Overview of classes

Foundation classes - details & sign up

Foundations 1 Class (6 weeks)

This class is a prerequisite for all classes (Herding and Treibball) at the International Training Center. In this class your dog will learn to neck flex, yield hind and forequarters, back up, turn & go, personal space, side pass, and lungeing.

Limit 6 dogs

Foundations 2 Class (6 weeks) (To Be Announced)

Open to dog/handler teams that have completed Foundations 1.
In this class we will work on distance and control and stops and recalls core strength (backing balls) and going into tight spaces.

Equipment Needed for Foundations Classes:
Head halter (gentle leader)
15 foot yachting braid rope with snap (from The Fair Lead, ask for the "Nutmeg Farm training lead")
4 foot stick & string (Available at the farm)

Tending Foundations (6 weeks) TBA

This class is open to dog/handler teams that have completed Foundations 1&2. In this class your dog will learn Boundary, Pen, Bridge, Corner, and Traffic foundations.

Limit 6 dogs

Private lessons - details & sign up

At Nutmeg Farm Training Center, we have a diverse training program. We specialize in four different types of herding training. The different types include; open field, arena, tending and drover/ huntaway. Our program addresses all levels of ability from instinct testing to advance trial competitions. We will also train you and your dog for farm work. We would be happy to talk with you to design a training program based on your needs and goals.

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