Herding Overview of Classes

Foundations Courses

Introduction To Herding

This is course introduces you and your dog to herding instinct. You will learn about the different drives that cause your dog to herd livestock. Each dog will be introduced to livestock twice. Handlers will be given a written evaluation of their dog’s performance. This class can be done privately or as a group.

Foundations 1

This course teaches your and your dog static and dynamic exercise to warm up your dog at home or away. Our dogs are athletes and should be treated as such. It is very important to warm up our dogs muscles before working or competing to prevent injuries. Exercises include lunging, flexing, out, backing, and yielding front and hindquarters. This class can be done privately or as a group.

Foundations 2

Open to dog/handler teams that have completed Foundations 1.
In this class we will work on distance and control and stops and recalls core strength (backing balls) and going into tight spaces.

Tending Foundations

Prerequisite: Introduction to Herding or Herding Instinct Certificate (AKC or AHBA).
In this course you and your dog will learn the building blocks of the art of tending sheep. Exercises will include boundaries, out, pen work, bridge and traffic. Most of this course is pre-livestock training. You will also learn the art of calling and leading sheep. This class can be done privately or as a group.

Foundations to Heading, Heeling, Backing Stock and Shedding

This course will cover heading, heeling and backing stock using livestock dummies.

Livestock Courses

Tending Dog

A tending shepherd accompanies his/her flock along roads, past traffic, over bridges and grazes unfenced pastures. The shepherd has a relationship with the flock they trust the shepherd to protect them for harm.
Training for the HGH, AKC “C” Course and CKC Tending

Arena Dog

The Arena dog is a master of small spaces. He works in the the chutes, pens and lane ways. He is the type of herding dog that is seen working at auctions and feedlots.
Training for ASCA, AKC “A” Course and CKC arena course

Open Field Dog

This dog must travel far and wide to control livestock that is traditionally gathered 4 times a year. The dog is expected to outrun, lift fetch, drive stock through gates into free standing pens and to shed animals away from a group.
Training for ISDS “Border Collie Course” and AKC “B” Course and CKC Stock Course

Drovers & Huntaways

These dogs traditionally worked the drover roads of Great Britain, central Europe and New Zealand with large herds and flocks. These dogs drive their charges from place to place.

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