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Finnish Lapphund: Special Rare-Breed Edition : A Comprehensive Owner's Guide
Toni Jackson The first reindeer herder on your block, the Finnish Lapphund qualifies as one of the world’s most desired rare breeds. The original Lapland Dog, this beautiful Nordic working and companion dog has much to offer modern dog owners. In addition to its luxuriant coat and attractive spitz appearance, the Finnish Lapphund is an intelligent and affectionate canine friend, ready for any task or activity, used in Europe as a herder, drafter, watchdog and pet.

This Special Rare-Breed Edition dedicated to the Finnish Lapphund is the only book of its kind on this versatile Finnish pure-bred, and a much needed resource for Lapphund fanciers around the world. Written by British breeder and owner Toni Jackson, this book provides insightful chapters on breed history, characteristics of the breed, as well as puppy selection, house-training, obedience training and health care. Illustrated with over 135 full-color photographs, the book proves to be as attractive as it is informative and is a must for everyone interested in this delightful rare breed.
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