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CLINTON ANDERSON- Downunder Horsemanship- Gaining respect and control on the ground SERIES 1 PART 1-4
This is series 1 parts 1-4 of the series Gaining respect and control on the ground
Clinton Anderson- Downunder Horsemanship- Gaining Respect and Control On The Ground Series 3 parts 1-5
This is series number 3 of the clinton anderson series gaining respect and control on the ground. it is parts 1-5
Gaining Respect & Control on the Ground DVD Series 2 Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship Horse Training
Clinton Anderson Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground — Series II DVD — You established a solid foundation of trust and understanding with your horse in Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series 1: Parts 1 thru 4. Now, get ready to build on that foundation in the next series. Clinton will show you easy, step-by-step ways to make bridling and leading easy. He'll teach you advanced lungeing and desensitizing exercises. He'll introduce you to circle driving and side passes. He'll also show you exercises that will challenge your horse while rewarding you with even more manageability and cooperation. Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground - Series II: Parts 1 thru 4 - building a better relationship between you and your horse. No matter where the journey takes you, the training makes the trip worthwhile. Runtime: 7 hours and 55 minutes.
Strengthening The Performance Dog
Debbie Gross Saunders Agility and other dog sports are wonderful for your dog, but training for those sports by itself is not enough to ensure your dogs long-term health and wellness or to keep him at his peak performance. Dogs participating in performance sports require crosstraining activities, including both a conditioning program and strengthening exercises. Doing a variety of strengthening exercises will improve your dogs performance and, even more important, will protect him against injuries. This video demonstrates and explains a variety of strengthening exercises that should be part of your crosstraining program outside of agility (or any other sport-specific training). It includes exercises to improve jumping strength and power, improve collection and turning ability, increase forelimb and hind limb strength, improve balance, and increase hind-end awareness. 37 minutes long, DVD only, NTSC format. © 2006
Stretching the Performance Dog DVD
Training Sheep Herding Dogs