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The "Premier" Fiberglass Shephards Crook
53 inches long.
Similar to it's ancestor—the popular Colroy crook. Lightweight, strong and quick in the hand.
Top is very tough molded plastic. Holds its original shape and rarely breaks.
Shaft is coated fiberglass. Unlike aluminum, it does not bend or deform.
We love everything about this crook. It's the most functional neck crook we've ever used. Given a choice, we always grab this one.
Can be purchased from Premier1
Catch Rope
Clinton Anderson
Down Under Handy-Stick with String
Clinton Anderson
Shepherd's Dog Whistle
Premier 1 Recognized around the world as the best mouth whistle for herding dogs. Made of plastic. Can be Purchased from Premier1
LS & LST Yacht Braid
Samson Rope 3/16", 3/8" LST Polyester Braid, 1,200lb. Breaking Strength, White with Blue Tracer.These ropes have energy when wiggled while training your dog. They are also weather resistant. 30 foot length. May be purchased from West Marine. Tie this rope with a bowline knot to a snap.
Tractor Supply If there has ever been a rope for all times, the classic gold must be it. The original classic rope with its all natural first-grade nylon constructions was perhaps ahead of its own time. Now, with two decades of outstanding performance, no other rope is more proven in the field. Yet its enduring, fast feel still provides the quickness and consistency that today's roper demands. Light weight with a smooth, fast feel for sharp and snappy catches. Classic gold, the tradition continues. Head rope.
SKU Number: 5004415
Head Rope; Gold, Soft Type; 3/8 in x 30 ft Size; Nylon Material